Bug Detection Equipment

SpyGear4U provides a complete line of quality audio/video bug detection products .

We use our own products!

....How Do You Know You Have Been Bugged?

Bugs come in all shapes and sizes. Bugs can be a camera and or an audio listening device. Listening devices can be placed in the room or on the phone line to capture audio and the same is true for a spy camera to capture video. So how do you know if you have been bugged?. You need a good bug detector and you need to perform a visual search.


Click Here for Signs that you may have been bugged


....Which Bug Detector is best?

Unfortunately there is not 1 device that does everything. You may need to buy a couple of detectors that covers wired and wireless bugs. All the products we offer are very good and really depends on what you need it for. If your looking to perform professional sweeps then you need our CPM 700 KIT; however, if you just to sweep your home or car then there are several products that will work for you.


We recommend the following BUG DETECTION Products:

CPM-700 Professional Hi-Tech Counter Surveillance System
CPM-700 Professional Hi-Tech Counter Surveillance System
SKU#  PE-CPM700 The CPM-700 is a broadband receiver designed to d..
You Save: $704.00
was: $3,499.50

Suresafe Hi-Frequency Bug Detector
Suresafe Hi-Frequency Bug Detector
SKU#  KB-SH055DV There are many bug detectors on the market but f..
You Save: $130.00
was: $279.00

COMSEC III Wire Tap Detector
COMSEC III Wire Tap Detector
SKU#  PE-C3III Our COMSEC III is the only patented technology tha..
You Save: $105.00
was: $399.99

ProScan Wireless Camera Hunter
ProScan Wireless Camera Hunter
SKU#  KB-DD9004 Our ProScan Wireless Camera Hunter quickly and ea..
You Save: $284.95
was: $779.95

Phone Manager Plus - Track the Activity on Your Phone!
Phone Manager Plus - Track the Activity on Your Phone!
SKU# PE-ER4000 This phone will hold up to 2000 incoming and outgoing m..
You Save: $60.00
was: $119.00


....How Do I Perform a Bug Sweep of my location?

Our bug detectors are easy to use but to perform a comprehensive search of your location you need to know what your looking for and how to scan. We have written a comprehensive 50 page e-book on how to bug sweep.


If you think you are bugged and need instructions on which bug detection devices to use and how to use them then you need this 53 page e-book!!. This book describes the different types of bugs in an easy to read format. COST: $11.95





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