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Suresafe Hi-Frequency Bug Detector

Suresafe Hi-Frequency Bug Detector

There are many bug detectors on the market but few matches the look, feel and functions of the Silent Detector !

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Price: $149.00


Eavesdropping and bugging is illegal, but for many businesses and private citizens it is a common practice. Now you can virtually assure your privacy with the all new totally automatic The Silent Detector Micro Bug Detector

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There are many bug detectors on the market but few match the look, feel and functions of the Silent Detector ! The Silent Detector Micro Bug Detector contains state-of-the-art micro technology with advanced features not found any any other bug detector. It's small and light weight- about the size of a conventional pager. But don't be fooled by it's tiny size! It's a full-featured dual bug detector that alerts you to the presence of eavesdropping

Because of it's new fuzzy logic multi-scanning technique, you obtain an amazing range of bug scanning from 50 MHz To 6 Ghz with no holes or gaps.

When discovering a cellular phone or peeping camera, the LED will light from Level 1 to Level 2 to Level 3, and the beeping sound will change from SLOW to Rapid indicating the strength of detected signal.

When using the VIBRATION warning mode, notification is by vibration instead of  the beep sound. 

We were amazed at the performance of this unit. We were able to detect cameras with the Silent Detector set at 94MHz up to 5 metres away, a 900MHz video transmitter with a 50 metre range was detected 3 metres away and a 2.4GHz video transmitter with a 20 metre range was detected 2 metres away.

The detecting range of this unit is from 50MHz to 6GHz or 6000MHz.

The LED bar graph indicates the strength or proximity of the transmitter and a beep from a built in speaker will progress faster the closer you get to the transmitter.

There is also a low battery indicator that will illuminate when the batteries are low.

The unit weighs 90 grams and includes batteries, an earphone and instructions.

Protect privacy and confidential information with our 6Ghz RF Detector. This device features a detecting frequency up to 6Ghz and comes with an Analog/Digital detection switch. The new digital amplifier gives improved detection of Bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-Fi, cellular phone and Digital Spread Spectrum wireless products. Specially designed for easy and simple use with no complex installation or professional knowledge required.

  • Digital / analog switch for signal selection
  • 3 LED indicators to determine signal strength
  • Audible alarm with tonal change indicates signal strength
  • Vibration warning mode
  • User can use earphones for convenient monitoring of audible alarm
  • Sensitivity tuner

  • Powered by 3V DC (AAA/UM-4 battery x2)
  • 50 Mhz to 6.0 Ghz
  • Detects wireless cameras at 5.8 Ghz from approximately 2 feet and 2.4 Ghz from approximately 5 feet
  • Detects analog cell phone signals from approximately 20 feet and digital signals from approximately 40 feet
  • Size: 87 x 55 24mm

    NOTE: Color of the unit may vary between Silver and Black
  • e-Book Option: Are You Bugged?: Don't need this e-book
    Yes - I would like the ebook on how to bug sweep. (+$9.95)
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