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EchoVue DVR

EchoVue DVR
Operating and programming the EchoVue is effortless with the easily accessible front control panel. It is no longer an issue where the DVR should be placed.
List Price: $1,495.50
Price: $995.00


The EchoVue Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a high-quality compact recorder that combines the functions of recorder and mutiplexer into one unit.

Having no tapes to maintain, replace, or rewind means this recorder can be setup once and virtually forgotten about until and unless a review of the video becomes necessary. It also dramatically reduces the down time for maintenance or repair that is generally associated with VCRs.

Remote Monitoring
Using the Internet backbone, user is able to view the site remotely with EchoVue software.

Easy Access to Front Panel Control
Operating and programming the EchoVue is effortless with the easily accessible front control panel. It is no longer an issue where the DVR should be placed.

A quad/switching display of live video from all four cameras can be viewed during recording.

Alarm Trigger or Continuous Recording
Recording can be done continuously, for a scheduled time in a 24-hour period, or on an alarm input basis. Each camera has its own alarm input for alarm-activated recording. Using a combination of these programmable features allows the user to extend the total recording time.

240GB Hard Drive
The 240 GB hard drive generally allows continuous recording for 30 to 60 days under the most common recording conditions. Recording time will vary depending on quality, number of cameras recorded, and recording rate. When the available hard drive storage space is consumed, the EchoVue will automatically record over the beginning of the video. No more worrying about rewinding or changing tapes, or replacing them as they wear out. Hard drive options are 80GB to 320GB.

Playback and Record Simultaneously
Recording does not need to be stopped in order to playback the video. Entering the desired time, date, and camera number allows the user to instantly access any recorded video without having to stop the recording. Search functions during playback allow frame-by-frame viewing, fast playback, and playback of alarm events.

Password Protection
The EchoVue uses password protection to guard against unauthorized or unintentional recording or playback.

Product Features:
  • Built-in 4 Channel Multiplexer
  • 240GB Hard Drive for Video Storage
  • Recorder Speed of up to 60fps
  • 1 Channel Audio Recording
  • Quad/Switching Display for Live
  • Viewing While Recording
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Continuous, Alarm, and Scheduled
  • Recording Modes
  • Built-in Motion Detection
  • Easy Playback and Forward/Reverse
  • Search with Jog/Shuttle Operation
  • Playback by Date, Time, Camera or Alarm Events
  • SCSI Port for External Back-up Devices
  • P/T/Z Camera Control
  • Network Connection (RJ-45 Ethernet)
  • Remote Client Software
  • On-Screen Menu Programming
  • 4 Alarm Inputs, 1 Alarm Output
  • Compatible with Most Analog Monitors
  • Remote Controller

  • Technical Specifications:

    Alarm Inputs: 4 pairs, Push-in
    Alarm Outputs: 1 pair of relay contacts, push-in
    Camera Inputs: 4 BNC
    Monitor Output: 1 BNC and 1 S-Video

    Input Voltage: 110v-220v, 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption: 50 watts
    Video Standards: NTSC or PAL, switchable
    Video Compression: Wavelet
    Resolution: Display: 720x480
    Recording: 720x243
    Recording Speed: 1-60 fps (NTSC), depending on system setup
    Video Storage: 240 GB hard drive
    Video Inputs: 4
    Video Outputs: 2 (1 AV monitor, 1 S-Video)
    Alarm Inputs: 4, Normally open dry contact
    Alarm Output: 1, Normally open latching Form A

    Operating Temperature: 41F – 104F (5C – 40C)
    Relative Humidity: Maximum 80% non-condensing
    Dimensions: 14.2"(W)x13.25"(D)x4.25"(H)
    Shipping Weight: 20
    EchoVue DVR Options: 4 Channel (SO-EV405)
    8 Channel (SO-EV805) (+$500.00)
    16 Channel (SO-EV1605) (+$700.00)
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