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The Remote Mic is not working on the 136HR Recorder

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The Remote Mic is not working on the 136HR Recorder

Product Code: SG-AM-TE283N

Check this first:

* Power Up recorder and mic - make sure both are on

* Plug the ear phones into the EAR jack on the recorder

* Select the MENU dial on the recorder to bring up the menu

* Toggle to FM MODE and Push in dial

* The RECORDER SCREEN should default to

CH 02 - W_MIC 2


CH01  - W_MIC 1

If you dont see the above on the recorder screen then use the TOGGLE dial to go down until you see the exact setup above on the screen NOW make sure that the MIC is set to 1 or 2 to match the recorder.

You can now listen in live via the earphones and well as hit RECORD on the recorder to record what you here.

You may also refer to PAGE 13 & 21 of your users guide. If you don't have the users guide go to our downloads section to get a PDF copy. 

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