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Audio Jammer
Product ID: KB-J1000


SKU#  KB-J1000

Our audio jammer protects room conversations where sensitive information information may be exchanged by generating a random masking sound which desesitizes any microphone that is near.
List Price: $279.50
Price: $189.95
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Croakie Mounted Microphone for Glasses
Product ID: MM-MMBSM4



The (MM-BSM-4) is a croakie mounted microphone. The microphone capsules are completely and permanently mounted inside suiters styles croakies. These croakies will mount into standard thickness eyeglass frames. Eyeglasses are not included.
List Price: $199.95
Price: $169.95

Jumbo Ear
Product ID: Parabolic-Microphone-System


SKU#  Jumbo Ear

Jumbo Ear Parabolic Microphone System

Hear conversation with pinpoint accuracy at 300 yards with the Jumbo Ear. This powerful surveillance and investigative tool incorporates a 20-inch diameter snap-together parabolic dish combined with the most advanced audio circuitry available.
List Price: $579.95
Price: $449.95
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Listening Device - Bionic Ear



The Original Listening Device - Sound Amplifier. With this device, you can magnify faint or distant sounds with a clarity you never thought possible.
List Price: $239.00
Price: $179.00
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Matchstick Lapel Mic
Product ID: MM-MSLM



The MatchStick lapel / Lavaliere microphone(MM-MSLM) is hand made with high quality products to ensure long life and excellent recordings!
List Price: $199.00
Price: $139.00
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Pen Mic (High Sensitive) - Wired
Product ID: MM-UHS-PEN



The MM-UHS-PEN MIC is a high-end microphone that provides extremely accurate, crystal clear recordings. This unit is perfect for almost any covert audio environment.
List Price: $199.00
Price: $139.00
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Pen Mic (Standard) - Wired
Product ID: MM-PM001


SKU#  MM-PM001

The pen microphone is excellent for lectures (hands- free), live music recording and just about anything you could imagine.
List Price: $159.00
Price: $99.00
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Personal Sound Amplifier System
Product ID: KB-SE-4000


SKU#  KB-SE-4000

This personal sound amplifying accessory will enable you to hear every note, word and sound without straining. Small enough to clip to your shirt pocket or mount on your binoculars, Super Ear is a high-tech multiple element microphone that brings you crisp, clear sound. Mounted in an acoustically engineered sound boom that swivels 180 degrees for optimum versatility. 

The Super Ear magnifies sounds from up to 65 feet away for a nature walk, talking, TV, or other uses. Try it as we did, just for fun on a trickling faucet and a rumbling stomach. You’ll find dozens of uses: baby’s room, parties, finding birds and animals. Super Ear amplifies the full range of audible sounds - from a deer 100 yards away, to a leaking pipe in your own walls. State-of-the-art parabolic circuitry provides hands-free listening - and even clips to binoculars for hunting or bird watching. Control unit zeroes in on bird calls, varmints, even lost children. A full 50db of sound gain - at a price that is almost too good to be true. 
List Price: $109.95
Price: $69.95
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ProExtreme-Acoustic Leakage Probe-Contact Mic



This Super High Power Acoustic Contact Microphone certainly meets the qualifications for the best in it's class!
List Price: $479.95
Price: $399.50
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Sound Pro II Mic System
Product ID: PE-PSMII



Sound Pro II-our most powerful unidirectional microphone system. 10" microphone actually is two microphones in one.
List Price: $459.00
Price: $349.00
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Super Ear Plus
Product ID: PE-SE6000


SKU#  PE-SE6000

Dynamic new slimline SuperEar personal sound amplifier boosts sound 50+ decibels.
List Price: $159.00
Price: $89.00
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TeleSpy Intrusion System
Product ID: ST-SN1



This standard "trimline" type telephone features a built-in PIR motion sensor. If an intruder is detected within a 30 ft. range, TeleSpy calls a preset telephone number and allows you to listen in to the premises.
List Price: $149.95
Price: $89.95
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