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What GPS tracking device do I need?

SpyGear4U offers hi-quality gps tracking devices at great prices!

There are 2 types of gps tracking devices on the market. Knowing which one to get is the question most of our customers ask.

Real-Time vs Passive GPS Tracking

A real-time GPS tracking device allows you to track the device via a web browser. You can see where it is at any time with 10 second updates. Real-Time GPS tracking requires a monthly service fee. The real-time GPS tracking device can even be tracked from an internet enabled cell phone.

There are many uses for a Real-Time GPS tracking device: Catch a cheating spouse, track your teen driver, monitor your business fleet, monitor elderly parents and asset tracking.

A passive gps tracking device or datalogger requires you to retrieve the GPS device, connect it to your computer and download the tracking info. There are no monthly fees and the product cost is less than a real-time system. The data is the same as the real-time system. You get start and stop times, speed of vehicle, street addresses, satellite photos and a "bread crumb" trail. The software allows you to playback everywhere the vehicle has been!

As always, we answer our phone or return calls if busy. Call us today! We will get you set up with the correct GPS tracking device for your specific needs. Click Here for all GPS Tracking Systems