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Color Neck Tie Camera (Hi-Resolution)



Standard blue/grey necktie camera with adjustable neck ring. Hi Res color pinhole camera connects directly to PV-500, PV-800 or Micro/Pro (MP/KIT) Pocket DVR's without requiring an additional battery. Battery connector and holder included to connect unit to any RCA type video input. (This unit records video only, no audio)

  • NT-10 necktie type Wired CCD camera x 1
  • Switching AV & power cable x1
  • 9V battery compartment holder x1  
  • List Price: $299.50
    Price: $249.50

    Color Tactical Style Camera
    Product ID: KB-C1187


    SKU#  KB-C1187

    This Color Tactical Style Camera is perfect for any situation. Applications include but are not limited to: Traffic or Police patrol, SWAT team, Security guard, Education or outdoor sports.

    Pair the camera with our line of ProGrade DVRs:      DVR502 DVR503and DVR1000 for a complete body-worn surveillance system.
    List Price: $399.95
    Price: $339.95
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    COMSEC III Wire Tap Detector
    Product ID: PE-C3III


    SKU#  PE-C3III

    Our COMSEC III is the only patented technology that works with the telephone company exchange.
    List Price: $399.99
    Price: $294.99
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    Croakie Mounted Microphone for Glasses
    Product ID: MM-MMBSM4



    The (MM-BSM-4) is a croakie mounted microphone. The microphone capsules are completely and permanently mounted inside suiters styles croakies. These croakies will mount into standard thickness eyeglass frames. Eyeglasses are not included.
    List Price: $199.95
    Price: $169.95

    DocuPEN - Color Handheld Scanner
    Product ID: WY-RC800


    SKU#  WY-RC800

    The RC800 is capable of storing 100's of pages into memory and it takes just seconds to scan a page. Now you can scan your letters, color documents, pictures and bring them into Paperport software (included with the pen).
    List Price: $399.95
    Price: $359.95
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    Keychain Camera & DVR
    Product ID: KB-DVR200


    SKU#  KB-DVR200

    Keychain Camera & DVR

    This new innovative design is just the thing for instant and easy covert video and still shots anywhere you go because the high resolution camera and DVR are built right into the key chain.  

    List Price: $349.95
    Price: $295.00
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    MicroPro DVR Button & Screw Camera Kit
    Product ID: PE-MPKIT



    Introducing the all new "MicroPro" Pocket DVR, Button/Screw Camera Kit. The only DVR in it's class offering professional grade high resolution (640 X 480) @ 30fps, broadcast quality recording capability. Half the size of a cigarette pack.
    List Price: $569.95
    Price: $529.90
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    Portable Video Camcorder w/IR LED
    Product ID: PE-PCCC



    Compact size and ready for use quickly and easily, set up is fast and reliable due to the built in laser positioning light, to help you know which area will be recorded.
    List Price: $229.95
    Price: $189.50
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    SPY Products Affiliate Site
    Product ID: SG-AFFILSITE1


    Need a SPY Products affiliate site to help start your online business? Get it now to start making great money from commissioned sales!.
    List Price: $129.95
    Price: $69.95



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