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Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit
Check Mate Semen Detection Kit

The KT100 CheckMate Semen and “Sperm” Detection Test Kit is simply the easiest and most cost effective way to put an end to the nightmare of suspicion and doubt caused by the infidelity of a cheating spouse. If your Customers need to know what’s really going on in their relationships and they want to know now, tell them to try the CheckMate semen detection test kit. Now they can quickly, easily, and accurately detect and identify suspected semen and or “sperm” stains in undergarments in 5 minutes or less.

The Original CheckMate Semen Detection Test Kit will quickly and easily monitor your spouse's or child's sexual activity by detecting invisible traces of dried semen that is left in their undergarments after sex...

If any traces of semen are present on the area you decide to test, even in the smallest trace amounts, the patent pending CheckMate Semen Detection Test Kit will detect it. Invisible traces of dried semen can easily be detected for up to 2 years.

  • Detects invisible semen stains
  • Quick easy and affordable
  • Laboratory proven results in a home test
  • Accurate results in 5 minutes or less
  • Discreet and confidential
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Test 10 items with each kit

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