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Do I need wired or wireless surveillance?

SpyGear4U offers the best quality spy cameras on the market. We guarantee it!

There are many types of hidden spy cameras, so which one is best for your situation? It depends on your environment and what you are trying to capture on video. We carry many hidden cameras in clock radios, air purifiers, ipod stations, wall clocks and more. There are wired cameras, wireless cameras and dvr cameras - so which one should you get?

Camera Check List:

1.) Assess your environment - which covert (hidden) camera will blend in best without raising suspicion.

2.) Do you have access to a power outlet - to eliminate the concerns of powering the camera place it near a power receptacle.

3.) Wired, Wireless or DVR Cameras - if you want guaranteed video go with wired or DVR cams - period. Wireless cameras have distance limitations and are subject to interference plus you need too many devices to make it work. DVR spy cams have the camera and recorder integrated so they are very easy to setup. Wired cameras need a separate recorder and monitor.

4.) What will the camera actually capture - its best to place the camera in the corner of the room to capture the entire room. Most of the hidden cameras have about a 75 degree angle.

5.) Is it legal to record video without consent - generally if you are in public then you may be video taped without consent. Public bathrooms and dressing rooms are off limits however. You can video tape within the confinements of your home - ie trying to catch a cheating spouse or an abusive nanny. Will this video be admissible in court - check with a lawyer or states attorney. Can employers record employees without consent? - once again each state is different regarding employment laws, so check with a lawyer or states attorney if you have concerns.

7.) Is it legal to record audio with a hidden camera - hidden cameras do not have audio capabilities due to the state and federal privacy and wiretapping laws. Generally visible cameras can contain audio and signs must be posted that the site is under video & audio surveillance. Audio obtained without consent is usually not permissible in a court of law. Each state has different audio laws so it is the responsibility of the product user to abide by their respective state laws.

7.) Determine your budget - the wired cameras are cheaper than the wireless cameras and both of those are cheaper than the DVR cameras so its an easy decision - right? Wrong - remember the DVR cameras have the recorder built-in and are ready to use out of the box.

FINALLY which Hidden Cameras do you recommend for checking out my cheating spouse, my nanny, and my employees?



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