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GPS Tracking Device - FleetTRAK Hardwired Realtime

GPS Tracking Device - FleetTRAK Hardwired Realtime


Introducing FleetTRAK. We now offer any size fleet the ability to track their rolling stock on their own computer 24 hours a day without excessive software, satellite, or cellular charges. Whether the fleet consists of 10 or 1,000 vehicles, FleetTRAK will track movement data for retrieval in real-time or at a later time.

List Price: $579.45
Price: $469.95

Realtime GPS Tracking

Real-time tracking gives dispatchers a view of one, some or all of their fleet on one screen. Geo-fencing gives dispatchers the ability to be aware of fleet movements outside a prescribed area. 


The applications for our technology are limitless.

Need to track your 16-year old who got his license last week? Not a problem. You can even see how fast he's driving when you're not in the car with him.

Or are you more interested in fleet logistics? In today's world, the small business owner needs every tool he can find to improve service, reduce overhead and stay competitive. This is the tool that pays for itself - we're constantly hearing from our clients about how our system paid for itself within the first 60 days.

With our system, office personnel can see precisely where the vehicle is, and can provide driving directions when needed.

Our technology applies to everyone - from Bob's Plumbing to Joe's Electrical to Sam's HVAC repair. Fleets of everything from tow trucks to school buses, all the way down to your local Maytag repair fleet. Utility service trucks. Sonya's flower delivery, Tony's pizza delivery, Mike's catering service. Virtually every business with two or more vehicles can find cost-recovery through fuel savings (eliminating unnecessary trips), improved productivity, and accountability.

And it doesn't stop there. We have equipment available which enables our systems to track anything that moves. Aircraft, boats, motorcycles, freight containers, trailers, rail cars - even satellites. At USFleetTracking, we can make it happen.

And when a vehicle is stolen? Rest assured, you don't want to know where it was 15 minutes ago. You want to know where it is now.

In a word, our systems create accountability. With accountability comes an increase in productivity. And the productivity of small business is the engine that drives America.


  • LIVE real-time tracking - 5 second updates!
  • Worldwide coverage!
  • Track hundreds of vehicles at once - from the same screen. (Your business won't outgrow our system)
  • View vehicle speeds in real-time.
  • Tail a single vehicle - the map follows the vehicle wherever it goes.
  • Variable-speed historical playback (with vapor trails and time stopped).
  • Simple, password-secured access - from any PC on the internet.
  • No software to install.
  • Our no-excuses satisfaction guarantee.

    Installation of your GPS

    Installation of our system couldn't be easier. We provide the unit and you or your installer follows our simple three step installation process. The device can be configured to transmit constantly or only when the ignition of the vehicle is turned on. Call us and we will activate your device and account on our web-based tracking product. Simple, fast, and elegant. Your tracking solution is in place and ready for you to use. That's all there is to it.

    We manufacture a “LIVE” GPS Tracking Device with 5 or 10 SECOND UPDATES with affordable monthly tracking fees.


    Monitoring Plans:
    Our tracking service is only $29.95 per month with 10-SECOND updates, unlimited hits, reports, speed alerts, geo fencing (20 per vehicle), LIVE online tech support with engineers, 90-day historical playback, google mapping, and much more!.

    Activation fee of $69.95 is included in price of unit.

  • Tracking Service (10 sec. updates): $39.95 ea. per month

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