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How do I setup Voice Activation on my Diasonic Recorder?

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How do I setup Voice Activation on my Diasonic Recorder?

Digital Recorder Basics

Power On/Off To turn your digital recorder on, press and hold PLAYBACK dial for 2 seconds. For instant recording, press and hold REC button for 2 seconds, even when power is off. Recorder will shut off automatically if no buttons are pressed for one minute.

How to Setup Voice Activated Recording (ARS)

1. Press MENU button on front panel. MODE will appear in center display box.
2. Using PLAYBACK dial, toggle up until ARS appears in the center display box.
3. Press PLAYBACK button in once to enter ARS mode menu.
4. Toggle PLAYBACK dial up or down to choose A or B mode.
-A mode will record all recording phases in one continuous index (file), eliminating any silent periods lasing 3 seconds or more.
-B mode will create a new index (file) for each new recording phase, which begins when sound/voice is detected at the end of a silent period of 3 seconds or more. Up to 99 separate indexes (files) may be created per folder.

5. Press PLAYBACK dial in once to set. ARS indicator will display in bottom left corner of center display box.
6. After setting ARS mode, press REC/STOP until red indicator light comes on. Recorder will now record in voice activation mode.

NOTE: Changing power source or batteries will result in default settings. Thus, it will be necessary to reset ARS mode, date/time, and any other manual settings.

How to Setup for Telephone Recording

1. Plug one end of the Line In/Out Cable into MIC jack, which is covered by a gray tab.
NOTE: Do not connect through headphone jack. This will result in recording only one side of the conversation.
2. Plug the other end of the cable into the telephone adaptor.
3. Connect one telephone cord between adaptor and telephone.
4. Connect another telephone cord between adaptor and wall jack. See User’s Manual, page 25 for diagram.

Basic Troubleshooting

Why aren’t any of the buttons working when I press them?
Make sure HOLD switch is in the downward position. If the HOLD switch is placed upward, all buttons except DISPLAY switch will be locked out.

How do I erase information?
-To erase entire folder, select folder by pressing FILE button until correct folder is displayed. Press ERASE and FILE button together and hold for one second. FL.ER will flash in center display box. Press and release ERASE button again to erase all indexes (files) in the folder. -To erase a single index in a folder, select index by pressing FILE button until correct folder is displayed. Toggle PLAYBAK dial to select index. Press ERASE button and hold for one second. ERS will flash in center display box and message will begin to playback. Press and release ERASE button again to erase the index. No other index will be affected. How do I turn off the backlight (EL)? Press MENU. Using PLAYBACK dial, toggle down until EL is displayed. Press PLAYBACK dial in once to select. Toggle dial again to select OFF. Press dial in to set.

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